"Ella is Real" Framed Art Print on Canvas
"Ella is Real" Framed Art Print on Canvas

"Ella is Real" Framed Art Print on Canvas

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šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø "Ella is Real" Framed Fine Art Print on Canvas.

INSPIRATION: How we feel when We Are Just Ourselves.

PURPOSE: ThisĀ Original Illustration by Roxana Frontini,Ā is meant to assist you meditate on Your Power to Be Real, Authentic, Honoring Who You Truly Are.

CAUSE: 10% is Donated to theĀ HeartMath Institute.Ā 

LIMITED EDITION of Only 5 Copies per size.

SIZES: Available inĀ 24x36" (60.96x91.44cm) and 32x40 (81.28x121.92cm).


ā€¢ Canvas Thickness: 1.8" (4.6cm)

ā€¢ BlackĀ ThickĀ Frame 2ā€ (5cm)

ā€¢ Hanging Hardware Included


šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡ø "Ella es Real" IIlustraciĆ³nĀ Enmarcada ReproducidaĀ en Lienzo.

INSPIRACIƓN: CĆ³mo nos sentimos cuando realmente somos nosotros mismos.

PROPƓSITO: Esta IlustraciĆ³n Original deĀ Roxana Frontini, estĆ” diseƱada para asistirĀ a la hora de meditar en Tu Propio Poder de Ser Simplemente Tu.Ā 

CAUSA: 10% es Donado alĀ Instituto de la MatemĆ”tica del CorazĆ³n.

EDICIƓN LIMITADA de Solo 5 Copias por TamaƱo.

TAMAƑOS: Disponible enĀ 24x36" (60.96x91.44cm) y 32x48 (81.28x121.92cm).


ā€¢Ā GrosorĀ del Lienzo: 1.8" (4.6cm)

ā€¢ Marco Negro GruesoĀ 2ā€ (5cm)

ā€¢ Incluye Accesorios para Colgar


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