Purposeful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In my world, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the potential to distract us from what is truly important during this season: THANKING & SHARING. 

While it is understandable that retailers push for moving as much merchandise as possible, it is also true that out-of-hand consumerism is unhealthy for society. 

That is why this year, at Roxana Frontini Shop, we have decided to respect all the discounts given by our distributors, such as Redbubble, and also donate 15% of all our sales to The Lori Brener Scholarship Fund, which is part of Big Brother’s Big Sisters, and every year allows dedicated students to go to College. This will be active from now until Monday 12/02/19.

We trust that, with your smart shopping and our willingness to give, greater positive impact will be generated during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday… and even beyond that, we believe that together we will be spearheading new and healthier ways of shopping, giving and carrying the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

We wish the absolute best to you and your loved ones! 


Roxana Frontini



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