My First Collection… I AM by RF

Roxana Frontini

It was mid 2017… two years after quitting my last corporate job as an executive in the creative industries, and saying yes to a business partnership that was proven a failure over and over again… I was sad, very sad. How could I put so much love, passion, brain, muscle and money into something for absolutely nothing? I was about to discover, not how, not why, but “what for”…

During the months I was discrediting the failed business partnership and reinforcing my own companies (Curators Group and Fashion Curators)… I started meditating more, doing more yoga and… you guessed it, designing! I drew and drew and drew, and the beginning with the purpose of emptying my mind… but then something shifted inside of me and I started tapping into deeper levels of intuition and inspiration. 

And just like that, one beautiful fall day in Los Angeles, CA I drew the first sketch of I AM… a collection to honor our amazing feminine qualities… a collection to remember how amazing we are, how complete God has made us… 

I AM is the athleisure fashion poem I wrote for the women I grew up exposed to. These strong, beautiful, intelligent and loving women who inspired me to be who I am today.

Celebrate with me the beautiful qualities that make us a precious and powerful gift. 

Enjoy I AM and Tag Us #iambyroxanafrontini so we can share the love!

Love YourSelf, Life & Others. 


Roxana Frontini, A.K.A. “ROX”



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