My Fashion Love Story

Roxana Frontini

Here is how my love for fashion gave birth to RF By Roxana Frontini.

Having a very stylish mom, two grandmas that were absolute fashion magicians, and a couple of aunts that are beauty gurus and have proved that age is just a concept, my love fashion, beauty and style make total sense. 

When it comes to fashion, at a very young age I learned how to sketch, saw, net, combine pieces, textures, and shapes. As I grew up, I continued enjoying the art of it, every day of my life.

Then, between my 20´s and 30´s, I moved to 4 different countries, which taught me how to make the most of every weather, how to build amazing wardrobes no matter the size of my wallet and how to combining extreme origins in one outfit, such as indigenous pieces with high French fashion items.

But it was during my mid 30´s when I started asking myself, why does something like fashion, which I absolutely love, can also cause me pain?. What do I mean by “pain”? Well, have you ever felt broke after you bought a handbag, or physically tortured by a beautiful pair of shoes, or simply uncomfortable in a gorgeous dress? That is exactly what I mean! It didn't make sense to me, so I decided to elevate my relationship with Fashion, Beauty & Style… “There´s gotta be a way to fully enjoy them” I thought. 

From this decision many great things unraveled, but one of the most amazing ones was the inspiration to create again. I started tapping into brands that would look & feel good, have fair prices and be consciously made, or at least have some meaning behind them. This inspired me to create the Style House within Fashion Curators, my fashion company that had only been a wholesaler until then. My idea was to create wardrobes for me and for other women that would make total sense (for body, mind, soul and budget).

While all of this was happening, I started reconnecting with my ability to create fashion, music and content... I started designing, sowing and styling again… what a joy! After 17 years of a very rigid life, I finally gave permission to MySelf to Fully Express this creative side I enjoy so much.

That is how RF by Roxana Frontini was born, as a fashion brand that stands for comfort, empowerment and style. For the first years of RF I´ve focused on athleisure only; this decision has mainly to do with two facts: 

  • My Style: as a corporate executive I was always in heels, dresses and suits… feeling only free while I was at the gym, dancing, writing at home or performing music in a scenario (those are my other creative sides hehe, you can say I am a woman of many creative faces but one big joyful heart and a profound respect for life). 
  • My LifeStyle: I transitioned from my corporate life to my current entrepreneurial life, from a crapy divorce to a joyful marriage, and from being restless to being mindful… the result has been: BALANCE, a cherished, appreciated balance I deliberately nurture every day. With that being said, balancing my personal life, my creative endeavors in content, music and fashion, plus directing my companies, Curators Group & Fashion Curators, compel me to be very responsible, resourceful and realistic with the time and attention I put into a project. That is why, you are currently experiencing the first stage of RF by Roxana Frontini. 

With all this being said, THANK YOU! For reading this post, for visiting this website, and for welcoming RF into your life. It is my desire that you enjoy this pieces as much as I do. I will be smiling somewhere around the world with you, every time we read the messages in our clothes and remember how awesome we are, how awesome life is and how cool we can make it when we spice it up!

Love YourSelf, Life & Others. 


Roxana Frontini, A.K.A. “ROX”

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