Roxana Frontini

We're all born free... and then, as life goes on, we tend to forget it.

That's mainly why we experience certain challenges, so we remember our essence. 

I'm not the exception to this dynamic... I lived for way to many years trying to please others, trying to fit a mold that was not designed for me, trying, trying, trying... because that's about all you can do when you're partially being yourself. 

And one day, that inner voice, the one that tends to whisper in the ear of our soul, scream as loud as possible to my face "HEYYYYY STOOOP!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE, IT'S TIME TO BE YOU!!! ... It was impossible not to listen, so I started dancing to my own rhythm. 

That's where my latest single "FREE TO BE ME" came from, as well as my latest Illustration Capsule "FREEDOM". They're both a celebration, and invitation to dance to your own beat. 

I thank you for the immense amounts of love that you all give me... because with it, stepping up it's easier! You are all such an inspiration to me!

Let's enjoy together each aspect of that beautiful gift we all share: FREEDOM. 

Pick your favorite item and celebrate with me!


Roxana Frontini (A.K.A. ROX)



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