Ballerinas for a Sublime Holiday!

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I've always been in love with ballet...

Every time I see a ballerina, I simply stare mesmerized by the power and beauty of their moves, and by how they effortlessly combine strength and grace. So, for quite a while I've been exploring how to capture such beauty on my sketches, and finally here are the first results of such exploration.

On this first Ballerina Series, you'll find two of my favorite characters from The Nutcracker: Clara & Sugar Plum, accompanied by three beautiful Ballerinas in diverse pastel colors and poses. 

I sincerely hope you get transported to a sublime stage by contacting each one of these beautiful Ballet Dancers. 

Oh! And of course, I wish You and Your Loved Ones HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! May The  Love, Joy & Prosperity of These Days, Remain Active in You and Your World Every Day of 2020!!!


Roxana Frontini

This original illustration by Roxana Frontini, is part of a collection tilled BALLERINAS.
Roxana Frontini, A.K.A. “ROX” is a singer, songwriter, illustrator, artist, fashion entrepreneur, author & speaker, producer & businesswoman.
She shares her passion for life, empowerment and creativity through her illustrations, music, written material and content.
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