An Elevated Lady

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Being a Lady is Beautiful... after a long period of observing and appreciating empowered, gorgeous, unique and brave women around me, I began to see in my mind, a sophisticated lady with an orange hat.
Her focus was lethal; what her mind conceived, she achieved. She was an "elevated version of herself", and the source of all wonders in her life. She had unveiled the infinite power of the universal mind.
A few weeks went by, and I started sketching her; The more I did, the more her eyes kept expressing the beauty and the importance of being a woman of elevated standards, not from ego or vanity, but from love and respect for life. 
She brings me so much joy! My beautiful Elevated Lady in Orange... I sincerely hope she inspires all of you to be and do your best at all times!
Roxana Frontini
This original illustration by Roxana Frontini, is part of a collection tilled ELEVATED.
Roxana Frontini, A.K.A. “ROX” is a singer, songwriter, designer, fashion entrepreneur, author & speaker, producer & businesswoman. She shares her passion for life, empowerment and creativity through her illustrations, music, written material and content.
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